Unnecessary Things

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 presetMy mother has taught me many things, but one of my favorite things she has taught me, is the beauty of unnecessary things.

Beautiful table clothes, candles, tea cups, tea time, flowers, parties of all kinds. One day my mom texted me, “Moroccan tea party at 5!” When I arrived at my house I could hear foreign music and smell strong tea. She had set up a feast in the middle of our living room, everyone sat on the floor, we ate things we didn’t know the name of, and drank tea. But that is my mother. She has taught me to skinny dip, go barefoot, sing all the time, way too loud, and to never stop dreaming. She’s taught me traveling tips an tricks, making me an experienced traveler for my age.

She is always ready for an adventure, or to make nothing into something.

Because of my mother, I love unnecessary things. They have the power to turn a day into a memory, and table into a feast with all the decorations. She has turned a house into a home many times, and taught me how to thrift shop to create a unique environment.

My mother has taught me the beauty of unnecessary things, and for that, and many other reasons, I will always love her. And think about her in almost every cup of tea.


Two Types of Sugar

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This last weekend was wonderful.

Four of my friends and myself threw an early Mother’s Day tea party for all of our mothers. We spent hours baking, cooking, cleaning, and decorating the table. We had scones, macaroons, cookies, sandwiches, many other little treats and savory bites, and lots and lots of tea.

We then ate beautiful meal and sipped our tea while we each expressed what we love about our mothers. They then told stories of our childhood, the embarrassing ones that make you laugh and think, “Did I really do that?!”

It was a magical day, full of sugar, conversation, and love. During one of the wonderful moments I thought, “Wow, I am hanging out with moms… for fun!” It is nice to know that I have reached an age, a maturity, in which I notice the importance and the value that mother’s hold in my life. They are the protectors of the body, and the soul. They possess a love that everyone craves, the special person who keeps you going. They are irreplaceable, and too special to be forgotten. Researchers say that men look for women who remind them of their mothers, I can see why.

Some people lose their mothers, or don’t have ones that fulfill the special role like they were meant too. I realize that I am lucky to have a mom, a mom that fulfills so much in my life. And I hope and pray that those living without wonderful mothers find other people or ways to receive a similar breed of pure love.

Moms do so much for us, enough to be celebrated more than just one day a year. Give your mother a call, maybe even try to hang out with her. It could be fun, you never know… For me it was.

This last weekend was unforgettable. I was able to see my transformation from child daughter, to adult daughter. Where laughter and tears are permissible, and the amount of sugar I eat, is all my choice.

Need and Needing

This last week my boyfriend and I were in Home Depot (shopping for the garden no doubt!) when Andrew got a text that made him smile. When I asked him what he was smiling about he said, “Your mom just texted that she got me two turkeys!”

I am not quite sure if my moms reasoning was to just be awesome (wouldn’t surprise me though), or if it is her attempt to get us to hang out more around the house, but whatever the reason, I’m glad.

Yesterday they laid on my chest and napped for a good half hour. It is amazing how much love can be transferred from human to animal. There is something beautiful that can be experienced through need. Those turkeys need me. They need me to feed them, keep them warm, water, and love them.

Think of the relationships that are deepest in your life. Is it a mother? Father? Sibling? Significant other? Maybe even a furry friend. There is need in those relationships, there is trust. With a healthy amount of need and needing beautiful relationships can evolve, even between me and those two baby turkeys.

Yes, someday those baby turkeys will grow up, they won’t need me as much. But of now, I am their momma and they are my babies. So I am going to allow them to keep sleeping on my chest, because it is becoming something that not only they need, but I do.


Tired body, happy soul.

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Today I started my garden.


I posted an Instagram photo that read, “The beginnings of love stories are usually the most fun! This instance is no different,” with a photo of my hands as I began planting one of my first plants; a kale plant. And it is true. With every seed I spread and every plant I planted I found myself pouring my love and energy into the ground.

I am now very tired, my body aches. But it is that good kind of ache, when you know you have done something worthy of your energy. My body might be tired, but my soul… My soul is happy.


Food as a Love Language

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Is food a love language?

Because if it is, that is definitely one of mine. If I love you, I have most likely made you something. It might be as simple as a cup of tea or as special as a cake.

Last week I made a cake for my boyfriend. We have been dating for over a year (woot woot!), and he just turned 22. It was a delicious (is that okay to say?) cardamom cake with chai tea frosting. He and everyone else seemed to enjoy it. But what matters most is that he knows that I love him, and that I got the joy of spreading love and making a cake, which are basically the same thing.

Just think about your childhood, is there a parent or grandparent who always made you food? Maybe a comfort food of yours? It was because they loved you.

If food was a love language, I think it would be a language that we all would understand.


I think that my favorite part of my body, might just be my hands. Because they are powerful, just as powerful, if not more, than my brain or maybe even my heart.  I know that the brain, heart, and hands all work together. But without the hands, those functions that my brain is telling my hands to perform wouldn’t happen… My hands are necessary for the healing of my heart. With these hands I play the strings of my violin, or practice the piano that I have not mastered. With these hands I pet my dog and collect the eggs from the chickens. With these hands I dig into the earth in attempt to create. An attempt to leave something that will exist longer than I will. I bake with these hands, I mix and mash, I cut and I stir. I create.

I know that there are some people in this world that either because of reasons that existed before they were born, or because of something that happened after birth, they do not have their hands. And those people, those brave people, have found other ways to create and thrive. I would hope that I would have the courage, without these hands, to find ways to do the same.

I never want to take these hands for granted. I want to create; create art, music, food, gardens, and most importantly relationships for as long as I live. And in this busy world we live in, I hope to strive to inspire you to do the same. Life is short, and we only have one. So go create!