Unnecessary Things

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 presetMy mother has taught me many things, but one of my favorite things she has taught me, is the beauty of unnecessary things.

Beautiful table clothes, candles, tea cups, tea time, flowers, parties of all kinds. One day my mom texted me, “Moroccan tea party at 5!” When I arrived at my house I could hear foreign music and smell strong tea. She had set up a feast in the middle of our living room, everyone sat on the floor, we ate things we didn’t know the name of, and drank tea. But that is my mother. She has taught me to skinny dip, go barefoot, sing all the time, way too loud, and to never stop dreaming. She’s taught me traveling tips an tricks, making me an experienced traveler for my age.

She is always ready for an adventure, or to make nothing into something.

Because of my mother, I love unnecessary things. They have the power to turn a day into a memory, and table into a feast with all the decorations. She has turned a house into a home many times, and taught me how to thrift shop to create a unique environment.

My mother has taught me the beauty of unnecessary things, and for that, and many other reasons, I will always love her. And think about her in almost every cup of tea.