Need and Needing

This last week my boyfriend and I were in Home Depot (shopping for the garden no doubt!) when Andrew got a text that made him smile. When I asked him what he was smiling about he said, “Your mom just texted that she got me two turkeys!”

I am not quite sure if my moms reasoning was to just be awesome (wouldn’t surprise me though), or if it is her attempt to get us to hang out more around the house, but whatever the reason, I’m glad.

Yesterday they laid on my chest and napped for a good half hour. It is amazing how much love can be transferred from human to animal. There is something beautiful that can be experienced through need. Those turkeys need me. They need me to feed them, keep them warm, water, and love them.

Think of the relationships that are deepest in your life. Is it a mother? Father? Sibling? Significant other? Maybe even a furry friend. There is need in those relationships, there is trust. With a healthy amount of need and needing beautiful relationships can evolve, even between me and those two baby turkeys.

Yes, someday those baby turkeys will grow up, they won’t need me as much. But of now, I am their momma and they are my babies. So I am going to allow them to keep sleeping on my chest, because it is becoming something that not only they need, but I do.



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