Food as a Love Language

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Is food a love language?

Because if it is, that is definitely one of mine. If I love you, I have most likely made you something. It might be as simple as a cup of tea or as special as a cake.

Last week I made a cake for my boyfriend. We have been dating for over a year (woot woot!), and he just turned 22. It was a delicious (is that okay to say?) cardamom cake with chai tea frosting. He and everyone else seemed to enjoy it. But what matters most is that he knows that I love him, and that I got the joy of spreading love and making a cake, which are basically the same thing.

Just think about your childhood, is there a parent or grandparent who always made you food? Maybe a comfort food of yours? It was because they loved you.

If food was a love language, I think it would be a language that we all would understand.


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