I think that my favorite part of my body, might just be my hands. Because they are powerful, just as powerful, if not more, than my brain or maybe even my heart.  I know that the brain, heart, and hands all work together. But without the hands, those functions that my brain is telling my hands to perform wouldn’t happen… My hands are necessary for the healing of my heart. With these hands I play the strings of my violin, or practice the piano that I have not mastered. With these hands I pet my dog and collect the eggs from the chickens. With these hands I dig into the earth in attempt to create. An attempt to leave something that will exist longer than I will. I bake with these hands, I mix and mash, I cut and I stir. I create.

I know that there are some people in this world that either because of reasons that existed before they were born, or because of something that happened after birth, they do not have their hands. And those people, those brave people, have found other ways to create and thrive. I would hope that I would have the courage, without these hands, to find ways to do the same.

I never want to take these hands for granted. I want to create; create art, music, food, gardens, and most importantly relationships for as long as I live. And in this busy world we live in, I hope to strive to inspire you to do the same. Life is short, and we only have one. So go create!



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